Bachelor Project Defense Proceedings




Date of defense:  


Research Proposal Grade:  ______ (15%)


Bachelor Thesis Grade:  ______ (85%)


Fina Bachelor Thesis Module Grade:  ______ / 6




Publication approval 

YES, I (adviser) recommend this work for publication to the HEG online database.

NO, I (adviser) refuse the publication of this work to the HEG online database.


Student publication opt-out

The student may indicate her/his opposition to the work’s publication on the 
HEG online databases. In this case the student must notify of her/his choice no later than her/his submission of the final archival copy.


Notes of the Session


  • Scope and Methodology


  • Results and analysis


  • Recommendations


  • Formal aspects 



Specific Corrections & Terms of Remediation




The parties to this defense and to this document have agreed to the content of this document and also to respect the confidentiality explicitly required by the parties and by applicable law.




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