How to access and use Google Compute Engine (GCE)?

Account creation

As a HEPIA student enrolled in the Cloud & Deployment module, you have a credit of 50 US$ (in the form of coupon) from Google Cloud Higher education Program.

Here is the URL you will need to access in order to request a Google Cloud Platform coupon. You will be asked to provide your school email address (select the domain) and name. Before receiving the coupon, you will receive an Email to confirm these details.

For further information on how to use the coupon you received, read this URL.

Create a project

Please read this URL.

Create an instance using the GCE Web portal

The following tutorial will guide you through the creation of your first instance.

Note: This tutorial aims to start a Windows instance. To start a linux instance (ubuntu, debian,...) choose a linux image in step 5

Setting up a local dev environment

Manual installation.

  1. Install Google Cloud SDK

  2. Initialize Google Cloud SDK using the following command and follow on screen instructions

    Note: When asked to login type enter "y", choose the project you just created. When asked to configure a default Compute Region and Zone, enter "n"

    gcloud init
  3. Install Google api python client

    pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  4. Run the following command and follow on screen instruction to setup your account as the default account for the Google api python client

    gcloud auth application-default login

Resources and code examples

Google Compute Engine API documentation:

Provision instance

The following tutorial explains how to deploy an instance using the Google Cloud Client Libraries for Python

If you have any questions, please send an Email to Raoul(dot)Dupuis(at)hesge(dot)ch

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