How to access and use AWS Amazon?

Account creation

We will use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for some of the labs.

Amazon designed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for companies, not students. When you create an account to start using AWS, Amazon requires a credit card that it can bill for future usage charges.

For universities and teaching activities, Amazon provides AWS Academy which allows students to access AWS resources without for free without using a credit card. By using AWS Academy, each student will receive a credit of 100 US$ to use AWS Amazon resources.

You will receive an AWS Amazon invitation by Email on your address. Press the Get Started Button:

You’ll get redirected to a page to the following page, where you’ll press Create My Account.


After, insert a password, and press Agree in the checkbox below.

Finally, in press: Yes, Add Email Address:


To use AWS services, on the Modules tab (below Home), press the second option:

Learner Lab - Foundational Services, which will lead you to this page:


Scroll down and press Agree, which should lead you to this page:


Press on Start Lab in the Top Right, and the page will change to:

The first Startup process will take a few minutes (5 -10 minutes), so be patient.

Once the terminal has returned, and the little dot next to AWS turned green you can start working:

Pressing on AWS will lead you to the AWS Interface. If you press AWS details, you'll get a section where your credentials will appear. If you press the Show button next to AWS CLI, you'll be provided with the API Keys needed to access AWS through your machine.

AWS Academy Dashboard can be accessed through the following link:

Please select the Student Login, and insert your credentials.

Creating your first AWS instance

Please follow this tutorial.

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