How to access and use the CloudStack based ExoScale IaaS

Account creation

  1. Send an email to with the following information: each group member name and email
  2. You will receive a registration link with a token allowing you to create an account with a 20CHF credit.
  3. Follow the link and create your account
  4. Validate your email
  5. fill-up the form with your information

Create an instance using the ExoScale console

The following tutorial will guide you through the creation of your first instance.

Setting up a local dev. environment

CloudStack does not provide an official Python client to interact with any CloudStack platform. However ExoScale developed its own Python library so we can interact with its platform. here is how to install it.

  1. Install the ExoScale Python library

    pip install exoscale
  2. Create a folder named ".exoscale" in your home folder

    mkdir $HOME/.exoscale
  3. Open the ExoScale console on the "IAM" page and create credentials

    Choose a name and use an unrestricted key and click on create. Warning: Unrestricted keys are not good practices. Be aware that in a production environment you should prefer restricted keys.

  4. Write down your key and your secret
  5. Create file named "config.tml" in the .exoscale folder
  6. Paste the following in the file and replace the values in between brackets with the credentials you just created

    default_profile = "default"

    name = "default"
    api_key = "<KEY>"
    api_secret = "<SECRET>"

Resources and code examples

ExoScale Python library documentation

Code example

If you have any questions, please contact francisco(dot)mendonca(at)hesge(dot)ch

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