One-page document describing the application used to carry out your comparative study.

Ouvert le : dimanche 26 septembre 2021, 17:00
À remettre : mardi 28 septembre 2021, 20:00

A one-page document (pdf) describing the distributed three-tier application you have chosen to carry out your comparative study. The application must contain at least 3 modules: a storage module (database and/or object storage), a back office module and a front office module.

The document must describe the architecture of the application and its modules. For each module, you must specify:

  1. the environments required for its execution: MongoDB, Python, flask server, JRE, etc.
  2. the links/relationships between the modules: Which IP instance is used by which other instance? data flow between modules: which data is sent (resp. received) to (resp. by) which module?, etc.

The name of the pdf document should be the concatenation of the names of the 5 students who constitute the group. Groups are available here.

You will receive an email before Friday October 1st in the afternoon informing you whether or not your application has been validated for this first lab.