The course offers a deep dive into business analysis, starting with its definition and importance in creating effective, need-based solutions with minimal risk. Students explore how business analysis is integral to identifying and assessing ideas, ensuring they align with organizational needs and stakeholder requirements.

A significant focus is on strategic context, emphasizing understanding both external and internal factors that influence business strategy. This includes comprehending the business environment and formulating strategies that align with business objectives, using a hotel's online check-in system as a case study.

Stakeholder analysis is another key component, where students learn to identify, understand, and engage with various stakeholders. This section underscores the importance of recognizing stakeholder perspectives and needs for successful business analysis.

Opportunities and risks are addressed next, guiding students through evaluating the potential benefits and drawbacks of decisions and strategies. The course stresses the importance of balancing opportunities and risks in business decisions.

Scenario analysis is covered to help students understand how potential future events might impact a business. This involves creating different scenarios based on assumptions about the future and analyzing their potential impacts on operations and strategic goals.

The course also looks at identifying and addressing gaps in business analysis, focusing on discrepancies between current and desired states in various business areas. This includes understanding the reasons behind these gaps and implementing solutions to improve business operations and achieve goals.

Prioritizing requirements in business analysis is another vital area. Students learn to align resources effectively and ensure that the most crucial aspects are addressed first. The course emphasizes the importance of an effective decision-making process and adapting priorities based on new information and changing circumstances.

Overall, the course equips students with comprehensive skills in business analysis, enabling them to transform ideas into strategically aligned, valuable solutions.