C1 Class - CAE Prep 2020 - 2nd Semester

Distance Study v. 23 March 2020

  • (Mondays - 15:45-18:05) TBA if live streaming will be added, in coming weeks.
  • cyberlearn - 20_HEIG-VD_C1 CAE S2 TON / ANG2-1-B
  • eistore1 – PROFS – TON – C1 / CAE Prep 2020
  • thomas.osullivan@heig-vd.ch


  1. This S2 C1 course earns ECTS credit (a normal HEIG class).
  2. Continuous Assessment = 5 skills = equal weighting. See below.  1/5 to each = Reading, LiU, Listening, Writing, Speaking.   All tests are CAE exam material.  Specifics of Evaluation and dates TBA in coming weeks, for this class and all HEIG courses. 
  3. Final Exam = TBA - if final exam will be required, and date.
  4. The Barème applies to each test (%*5+1).  The C1 GAPS Curve applies to the semester average. 
  5. You do not have to take the Cambridge exam. However, the curriculum will not change to suit you, if you decide not to take it. Cambridge exam costs - paid by student - CAE CH 400.-/405.- (CPE CH 420.-)
  6. A good candidate has 2 complete practice exams (4 parts) averaging over 65%.  You may opt for the FCE or CPE, finally. This course does not specifically prepare for the CPE exam. However, you may do CPE practice tests including CPE speaking practice.
  7. This course does not give strategy for the “computer-based” test. However, there is an online practice test here: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/advanced/preparation/
  8. This course does not issue a CEFR Language Level Certificate.
  9. Active Participation and “Attendance” – All universities award ECTS credits for hours on task + evaluation. The shift to distance nevertheless requires students to do steady work on material across a semester. This class includes 48 periods, and all HEIG classes assume additional work. Please check in once a week, in some form. With charts such as the Record of Results - I will record every student’s completion of “classwork” tasks – so consider tasks obligatory.
  10. Cambridge Test Centres

    TBA – Important Info - with coronavirus, Cambridge is announcing new options, restrictions, and I will communicate what I hear to you. You need to keep up to date yourselves at the centre you choose. I (O’Sullivan) am not charged with your business with Cambridge, and I am not an agent of Cambridge. HEIG does not have a formal relationship with Cambridge. 

You may register with any Test Centre that suits you for date, location and kind of test: paper/computer? There are 2 competing Centres in Vaud & Geneva



There are other centres in Switzerland of course: