Project Management Methods
International Business Management
Academic year 2016/2017

Faculty: James Devine

Course prerequisite

Course overview
This course provides a practical introduction to the tools needed to manage projects, applying the project management framework provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Practical examples and case studies will be provided from projects at international organisations and in the software industry. The course is designed to be closely aligned with the curriculum required for professional project manager certification through the PMI.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
Create project management documentation for the initialisation, management and finalisation of a project according to PMI guidelines.
Plan and schedule project phases and resources using Gantt chart methodology and apply critical path analysis.
Respond to multiple choice questions on project management in a similar style to the PMI professional examination.

Course Evaluation:
Final exam (individual, multiple choice exam) in week 16: 50%
Other work during the semester: 30% Group Project, consisting of the preparation of project management planning documents and a presentation, 20% individual project scheduling exercise involving the production of a Gantt chart and application of critical path analysis.

Course Schedule
Readings, preparation

21th Feb
An introduction to project management – course outline

28th Feb
Case study 1 – International Organisations: CERN projects
PMBOK Chapters 1 & 2
BE91 Case Study

7th Mar
The PMI framework
PMBOK Chapter 3

14th Mar
Project scheduling
Project Scheduling Notes

21th Mar
Case study 2 – Complex projects in Software
The Mythical Man Month essays

28st Mar
Risk and Mitigation
PMBOK Chapter 11

4th Apr
Project Scope Management + group presentations 1 of 2
PMBOK Chapter 5

11th Apr
Budgeting and financial controls + group presentations 2 of 2
PMBOK Chapter 7

April 21st to 25th - Easter break

25th Apr
Procurement, Quality and Safety in projects
PMBOK Chapters 8 and 12

2th May
Stakeholder & Human resources management
PMBOK Chapters 13 & 9

9th May
Project Communications & Interfaces
PMBOK Chapter 10
Global Health Case Study

16th May
Project Completion: Closing projects
PMBOK Chapter 4

23th May
Preparing for the PMI examinations
Sample questions

30th May
Revision time – wrap-up

6th Jun
Final exam

Course Preparation:
It is your responsibility to ensure you that you have all the required documents for your work. Most of the documents used for this course will be available on: (e.g. Cyberlearn).

The following reference is required and will be used extensively throughout the course:
Project Management Institute, (2013) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), 5th ed., Project Management Institute Inc., 14 Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania USA ISBN-13: 978-1935589679.
Additional useful references for the course:
Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., (1975) The Mythical Man-Month, Anniversary ed., Addison-Wesley, ISBN-13: 978-0201835953.