China, along with other emerging countries in Asia, is a critical market for Swiss companies. There has been a growing demand for innovative and high-quality products amplified by the size of the market, rapid economic growth, and the rising affluence of Chinese society. Moreover, China is emerging as a global innovation leader in areas such as robotics, biotech, clean-energy cars, and artificial intelligence. The policies launched by the Chinese government, such as “One Belt, One Road” and “Made in China 2025”, are reshaping the international business environment and are creating opportunities for innovative Swiss firms. In the same vein, Switzerland and China have built a strong relationship that was further strengthened in January 2017 with the modification and improvement of the free-trade agreements between the two countries. Firms based in Switzerland or China tend to operate with distinctive mindsets that are influenced by different socio-cultural and institutional contexts. These mindsets influence development of capabilities that are considered as strengths in the specific context that they are built: Europe and China. The combination of capabilities that are built in Swiss and Chinese cultures can lead to innovation in product, service or business models.